The Surgery

Appointments – “Regular consultations”

The purpose is to follow the general evolution of the child, to perform check-ups, vaccinations, …

And give medical and/or psychological advice, etc…

They take place on:

Some mornings, from 11 am – 12 pm

All weekdays, from 2 pm-7 pm

Some Saturday’s mornings


To fix an appointment for “a regular consultation” you are urged to phone at following hours:

00.30 pm – 2.00 pm

5.30 pm – 7.00 pm

In order to be sure to have a choice of day and hour, you should fix your appointment 3 weeks beforehand.

One half hour is guaranteed for a routine check-up.


Appointments on psychological ground take place on Saturday’s mornings: one hour!

It’s advised not to bring other child/children than the one concerned to the surgery.

To fix consecutive appointments for different siblings is far from ideal. An exception is made for twins.

For twins appointments are reserved exclusively in the morning or at the start of an afternoon. If these children are younger than 5 years, the presence of two accompanying adults will be appreciated.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please phone at the latest 24 hours in advance.

To fix an appointment for a consultation for “a medical emergency”

In case of an urgent problem, i.e. accident or (a) symptom(s) that suddenly take on an alarming form you will not hesitate to phone me, even during the weekend.

On weekdays if it is not so excessively alarming, you will be so kind to phone me exclusively between

7.00 am – 8.00 am

12.30 pm -13.50 pm

 If after your account of events, I deem it necessary to see the child on the same day, you get an appointment between

12.30 pm – 2.00 pm

or after   7.00 pm

 Real emergencies I gladly “slide in” at any moments of the day.

Consultation by phone

There are circumstances when a problem regarding your child does not necessarily call for physical examination and a “simple” advice by phone is sufficient.

 7.00 am – 8.00 am


For digestive and dietary problems, sleeping disorders, “lingering” symptoms (diarrhoea since two weeks, cough since three weeks) I am available between

12.30 pm – 13.50 pm


For laboratory results please phone between:

12.30 pm – 13.50 pm

5.30 pm – 7.00 pm

Consultation by phone for what you think a medical emergency

I insist on the fact that seeking urgent phone advice during ordinary surgery hours should only be motivated by a real medical emergency …and not because it is more convenient.

In case of immediate hospital admission

Cavell assures a 24h/24h, 7dy/7dy emergency service for children.

Clinique Edith Cavell
32, rue Edith Cavell
1180 Bruxelles          Tél. 02/340.40.40

…or go to your nearest hospital.

Please state the name of your paediatrician and /or family doctor at moment of admission. Ring me as soon as possible to inform me on state of health of your child.

Please do refrain from abusing hospital emergency services. There is a clear distinction to draw between the term “medical emergency” and the fact that a hospital’s round-the-clock service might suit your schedule.

Should I be absent

Follow instructions on answer phone.For medical emergencies on weekends (i.e. Saturday noon till Sunday night) and Bank holidays, the name and number of a substitute paediatrician is mentioned on answering-phone message.

Ring me a.s.a.p. to inform me on the state of health of your child.

Prescriptions and Certificates

Precondition for establishing a prescription or certificate is that I follow the child regularly.

After some consultation by phone I’ll do prescription(s) and certificate(s) without examination. Come and pick them up at my office.

If you need a certificate and you don’t live somewhere around, in some cases I accept to do it. Please send a written request together with a stamped envelope, addressed to you.

Aptitude for doing sport can only been attested on basis of a recent check-up (legally two months).

Approximate rhythm for regular check-ups

By law, the paediatric activity concerns children aged 0-16 years.

Age 0-6month once monthly
6month-2years once every three month
2-4 years twice a year
5-15 years once a year

Only when this minimal rhythm of regular check-ups is respected, can phone advice be given or consultations for psychological problems be granted.

Other systematic check-ups

Age 3 years:

  • eye check-up     by ophthalmologist
  • teeth check-up   by dentist

This is recommended, regardless of lack of any apparent problem.

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Body Care
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Medical Surveillance of Children in Belgium
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