Dr. D’s zinc oxide cream

In case of diaper syndrome,…
For 200 gr (ask pharmacy to fill it up in several small pots so that you can keep it in fridge)

30 gr oxyde de zinc
06 gr stéarate de zinc
06 gr stéarate de magnésium
88 gr cod liver oil
170gr Lanoline

Starter Prescription

  • compresses stériles 5×5 cm
  • Aqueous Eosine 2% in unidoses.
  • Alcohol 70% (100 gr bottle)
  • Naaprep (single doses of physiological salt solution for blocked nose)
  • Perdolan Mono Baby suppositories 100 mg (when child doesn’t bear high fever or/and pain)
  • Vitamin D Cure, continuesly from the birth until three years… and later
  • Vitamon K (for exclusively breastfed baby during the first three months)
  • ORS (to re-hydrate, when diarrhoea)

The Feeding of Infants
Body Care
Some medical advices
Medical Surveillance of Children in Belgium
The Surgery
What to know for your child’s, yours… and my benefit

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