Body Care

– When is the better time to bath? Do as you think fit (whether umbilical cord has fallen off or not). Before or after meal. Daily bath is not a necessity. Contrary to the accepted opinion bath is not a sedative.
Do it bare-handed. Use only cake of natural soap called «savon de Marseille» (Sunlight ®, Le Chat ®)
Don’t avoid going into the folds.
After bath dry the body carefully: you may use an hair-drier cautiously.

– Wash the head with the same “savon de Marseille”. Do not spare out the anterior fontanel, a resistant and sometimes very large diamond-shaped membrane.

– If umbilical cord has not fallen off, it is unnecessary to bandage it. Should be a bad smell, tie little dry compress like a scarf around the umbilical cord.

– If cord has fallen off, nothing to do.

-The belly button can slightly bleed for 2 weeks: put on medicinal alcohol 70°.

-“The persistence of exuberant granulation tissue at the base of the umbilicus is common. The tissue is soft, vascular and granular, and dull red or pink, and it may have a seropurulent secretion. The treatment is cauterization with silver nitrate…” Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics

– Never introduce anything into nose or ears, unless medical advise. Cotton-swabs are strictly forbidden.

– To cut nails, bite them; no scissors nor file for months…

Avoid “baby milk” (baby’s skin is often dry during first two weeks).
No scents, baby’s smell are the best!

– You have the choice between disposable nappies or textile nappies.

– Don’t use systematically bottom ointment.
If some redness appears in the diaper area, start with Vaseline or product on zinc oxide basis.

Do not use wet wipes! Use water and “savon de Marseille”. Put some tape water in a little plastic bottle with retractable cork (bottle used by sportsmen).

– If lesions of the bottom occur, dry well (hair-drier carefully) after washing, apply aqueous Eosine 2%, and afterwards zinc oxide ointment.
Textile nappies accelerate healing process. To have the bottom taking air is even more efficient!
A medical treatment with appropriate cream is sometimes usefull.

– When lesions appear in the folds (neck, axillary areas, thighs…) dry well, apply aqueous Eosine 2%.

– Most of the time during the first month occurs eruption “acne like” in the face and on the top of the body. This does not need any treatment. Food is not the cause. It disappears spontaneously before the end of the second month.

– Laundry with savon de Marseille bar by hand or Le Chat powder in machine. Never use textile softener, even later! The risk to get sooner or later an irritant contact dermatitis is high.

– Room temperature 17-20°C maximum.
– Air humidity (hygrometry) 45%. Let the window open during the night, even in winter.

– You may go for strolling with baby immediately after birth!

– In case of running or blocked nose, nothing helps better than a walk outside even with cold weather.
Nap outside until minus 15° C is allowed.
Don’t forget vaseline on face in winter time and protection cream during the summer.

– A kangaroo bag is recommended inside and outside: your hands are free for any activity!

– You my travel by car and train!
For the plane, wait until day ten after birth (breast or suck at the taking off and landing).

– Sea side is not harmless

– Mountains are allowed without any restriction for baby’s until 2000 meters.

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